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With Trafalgar volume buys plus our low Trafalgar prices you can save up to 40% versus doing the same itinerary on your own. At AffordableTours.com you will find the guaranteed lowest prices on Trafalgar Tours plus we pledge to deliver to you our award winning top-notch service. With nearly 70 years of experience in crafting authentic guided vacations, when you travel with Trafalgar, they'll take you deeper into the destination. Their unique Insider Experiences introduce you to locals who share their stories, their culture and their history, bringing the destination to life. Take your pick of over 226 trips in Europe, North, Central and South America, Australia, New Zealand and Asia.

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    What Is Your Travel Style?

    Traveling is one of life’s greatest pleasures, but with so many different destinations andactivities to choose from, planning a trip can be overwhelming. Identifying your travel style isone way to make the planning process easier and ensure that you have the best possibleexperience. Understanding your travel style can help you choose the right destinations,activities, and…

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    Everything you need to experience on your first trip to Spain

    Savour wine and tapas in a sun-dappled cafe by the coast. Soak in the local nightlife to the sound of the flamenco guitar. Stroll through the mosaic-decorated halls of an unfinished masterpiece. This is Spain. The sunny jewel in Europe’s mainland is welcoming back fully vaccinated visitors from the UK, EU and North America. With…

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    Review: Greek Island Hopper With Trafalgar

    On our Greek Island Hopper with Trafalgar tour, we learned history of Greece, soaked in some beautiful views and devoured delicious food and drinks.

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When you book a trip with us, whether it's halfway around the world or in your own backyard, you can rest assured that you'll benefit from our vast experience in the travel industry, our award-winning service, low prices, and client satisfaction.

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  • Africa Image


    NEW! 2023 - 2024 Now Open for Sale! 9 Countries, 10 Handcrafterd Trips. 72 Years in the making, let Trafalgar show you the place they know best, where it all began, Africa.

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  • Asia Image


    NEW! 2023 Now Open for Sale! Trafalgar will show you why Asia is one of their favorite continents as they showcase its incredible depth; visible through vibrant cultures, diverse cuisines, ancient traditions and deep spirituality. Trafalgar knows where to take you on intimate journeys across Asia that reveal the true essence of lands steeped in history.

    Learn More >
  • Australia and New Zealand Image

    Australia and New Zealand

    NEW! 2023 - 2024 Now Open for Sale! Trafalgar loves sharing their passion for travel with you, their guests, and they've created dynamic trips that take you to the depth of each of your destinations to reveal their spirited character and unique attractions. From breath-taking natural beauty to the warm, friendly characters who bring each of your trip experiences to life.

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  • Autumn, Winter and Spring Image

    Autumn, Winter and Spring

    During autumn, winter or spring, you'll also enjoy superb savings and fewer crowds as you discover these incredible times of year in which your money will go further and you'll get to see so much more.

    Learn More >
  • Europe and Britain Image

    Europe and Britain

    NEW! 2023 - 2024 Now Open for Sale! Europe is a sheer smorgasbord for the senses, brimming with spices, sounds and aromas, which Trafalgar brings to life. They transform the essence of any destination into bite-sized experiences. Explore this diversity in depth with Trafalgar. Sample the secret contrasts and quirks of each destination together.

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  • Family Experiences Image

    Family Experiences

    NEW! 2023 Now Open for Sale! Trafalgar Family Experience are exactly that: designed for families. So you get vacations that are not only fun and enriching, but eye-opening and educational. For all. Create family tales and memories to share and laugh over, for generations to come. Watch your children broaden their horizons, as they develop a sense of wonder at the big wide world.

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  • Hawaii Image


    NEW! 2023 - 2024 Now Open for Sale! Trust Trafalgar to bring Hawaii to life. Ensuring you discover this breathtakingly beautiful chain of Pacific Islands is what Trafalgar does best as they take you on adventures from pristine coastlines to jungle-clad hills, through fascinating cultural melting pots and where warm welcomes are always waiting.

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  • Italy Image


    NEW! 2023 - 2024 Now Open for Sale! From top to toe, the boot-shaped nation is bursting with sounds, sights, and culinary aromas. It is a sheer feast for the senses. There are more than 300 types of pasta to choose from, alone. All this, Trafalgar offers you, transforming the bounty of Italy into bite-sized experiences.

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  • South and Central America Image

    South and Central America

    NEW! 2023 - 2024 Now Open for Sale! Across lands as diverse as Latin America, Trafalgar will share their love for this vibrant region with you. Trafalgar knows exactly where to take you to experience the true essence of these colorful countries, full of fascinating cultures and spectacular sights.

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  • The World Unlocked Image

    The World Unlocked

    NEW! 2023 - 2024 Now Open for Sale! Tour differently with the world unlocked. Enjoy new destinations as well as Trafalgar's beloved tours that are immersive in local culture and heritage packed with local experiences pioneered by Trafalgar.

    Learn More >
  • Travel with Faith Image

    Travel with Faith

    NEW! 2023 Now Open for Sale! Reaffirm your faith through travel as Trafalgar guides you on significant journeys to spiritual locations that will leave you with a deeper understanding of faith. Follow in the footsteps of those that shaped religion, building a sense of community and belonging visiting sacred places across the world.

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  • USA and Canada Image

    USA and Canada

    NEW! 2023 Now Open for Sale! Urban hubs, buzzing with life, people and ethnic foods, are electrifying. Feel them... New York, Chicago, Boston. The sophistication of their soaring skyscrapers is sensational. Then let the streets of New Orleans, humming with jazz and homey comfort food, soothe you.

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Learn More About Trafalgar Tours

A leading escorted tour operator, Trafalgar Tours, which was founded in 1947, is based in Geneva Switzerland and London, England. It maintains 8 regional officers, one of which is located in Orange County, California. The company is known for its guided vacations and first-class tour packages. Local Specialists give visitors the opportunity to immerse themselves into a place's culture and traditions. For example, guests get insights into local wine-making or learn more about a city on a guided tour. Visitors also get a chance to see amazing examples of architecture and art. The company provides motor coach travel in the form of modern tour buses that are both comfortable and relaxing. Guests fully enjoy their tour experience in buses that feature air conditioning and Wi-Fi for a pleasant and stress-free journey. Guests also receive first-class accommodations, hand-selected for their central location and historic quality and charm. Many tours last 12 to 14 days, and are frequently highlighted in locations, such as Barcelona, Florence, and France. Destinations include travel to the U.S., Canada, Latin America, Europe, Africa, the Middle East, Asia, Australia, and New Zealand. The company has won numerous travel industry awards, such as the Reader's Choice Award sponsored by Travel Weekly. It was also hailed as the best tour company by USA Today. By choosing with Trafalgar, you can choose from one of various trip styles. For instance, a Country Explorer tour allows you to explore a country in depth while a Regional Explorer tour enables you to immerse yourself in the exploration of 2 or more countries. Discovery Tours enable visitors to see several countries at a quicker pace while At Leisure Tours make it possible for tourists to begin later and enjoy longer hotel stays while on holiday. Therefore, visitors can choose their tour with respect to how they prefer to see the sights and the pace they want to travel.

  • Founded in 1947, Trafalgar Tours is headed by CEO, Gavin B. Tollman, who has been in that role since 2010.
  • The escorted tour operator offers the most variety in guided tours worldwide.
  • A favorite trip destination of Trafalgar travelers is Italy.
  • Trafalgar group tours take travelers to destinations, such as Europe, South America, Italy, Australia, New Zealand, and Africa.
  • The top tours featured by Trafalgar included the Best of Italy, London Explorer, Best of Germany, Scenic Parks Explorer, Irish Highlights, Northern Spain, Treasures of Spain and Portugal, Northern California, and Egyptian Voyager.
  • The escorted tour operator is based in Geneva, Switzerland and London, England, and also operates 8 regional headquarters worldwide. One of these regional HQs is in Orange County, California in the U.S.
  • The company is the cornerstone of TTC (The Travel Corporation) and its family of brands.
  • The company is trusted for its outstanding value, travel services, and dependability.
  • Trafalgar features trip styles to suit just about anyone.
  • Be My Guest trips allow travelers the chance to enjoy wine and food in a local host's home.
  • The company features Local Specialists who have specialized skills who provide trip-goers with invaluable insights about a place's culture and traditions.

Top Reasons To Choose Trafalgar Tours

  • Trafalgar allows guests to receive insight about the culture and history about of or multiple countries, thereby making their escorted tour both unique and memorable.
  • Many trips last about 10 to 12 days, which gives travelers extra time to explore on their own as well.
  • The company is known to be a leading escorted tour provider for European destinations. However, it also features exciting trips to places, such as South America, Australia, Italy, Africa, and New Zealand.
  • The tour operator boasts top trips to varying destinations and provides popular tour offerings, such as the Best of Italy, London Explorer tours, Best of Germany trips, Scenic Parks Explorer holidays, Irish Highlights, Northern Spain tours, Treasures of Spain and Portugal journeys, Northern California hiatuses, and Egyptian Voyager trips. Therefore, you can find a trip that will ideally meet with your likes and preferences.
  • The popular trip provider has been selling tours since 1947. Therefore, it has the experience and know-how to provide an interesting and unique vacation.
  • The company has won numerous awards in the travel industry, and has been noted for its high level of service.
  • You can easily book accommodations through your travel representative.

Frequently Asked Questions About Trafalgar Tours

  • What phone number should I contact to inquire or reserve travel with Trafalgar Tours?

    Contact Affordable Tours.com at 1-800-935-2620 to learn more about the trips featured by Trafalgar Tours.

  • What categories of trips are offered by Trafalgar Tours?

    By contacting Trafalgar Tours, you can book one of various trips. Trip categories include domestic trips, sightseeing tours, family tours, short breaks, sailing and cruise packages, national park tours, safari tours, food travel trips, winter vacations, and Christmas and holiday travel. Other trip specialties include solo travel, battlefield tours, castles and knights' tours, and private group travel.

  • What should I do if I get sick on a tour?

    If you get sick, your travel guide and director will assist you in seeing a medical doctor or clinic. Your travel insurance claim will be processed for medical costs as well. This service is included in the trip's price. However, it does not replace travel insurance, which is strongly recommended. Once you are feeling better, you will be directed so you can resume your trip.

  • Why should I purchase travel insurance?

    Trips are expensive and if your tour is cancelled or interrupted, you are still responsible for paying for the trip. Also, travel insurance can be used to cover extreme sports activities, such as paragliding or mountain climbing, or may be used for evacuation from a remote area. If your bags are lost, the insurance also covers any losses under this category. Therefore, you should buy the insurance, especially if you are traveling outside the country. Don't leave home without it.

  • What if I miss part of the tour?

    Unfortunately, you cannot receive reimbursement if you miss part of a tour. Refunds cannot be issued for absences, or for missing visits to attractions or dining venues.

  • In what countries is it safe to drink water from the tap or faucet?

    You can drink water from the tap in the U.S., Western Europe, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, and Australia. For other countries, check with the tour's travel director to see what you need to do to access water safely.

  • Is smoking permitted on Trafalgar motor coaches?

    No. Smoking is allowed on tour buses. However, if you do smoke, you can do so during travel stops.

  • What are short breaks and how can I use them?

    Short breaks, offered by Trafalgar Tours, is another way to make the most of your leisure time or vacation. For example, if you only want to schedule a weekend trip, you might choose from one of the 4-day travel excursions.  In this case, you might want to get away and see the gleaming skyscrapers of Macau and Hong Kong or take 4 days to view Singapore's gardens and other illustrious sites. You might also consider going from urban to rural settings by exploring Sydney and the Blue Mountains, or take a trip from Tokyo to Mount Fuji.    In addition, you can use the featured short breaks and include them on your tour itinerary. For instance, you might add Trafalgar's 4-day Victoria Falls travel experience to a trip to Africa or enjoy an extra dose of the Asian continent by traveling to Nepal. For anyone enjoying an Australian holiday, Trafalgar features a 3-day trip to Uluru or a 4-day extension in the form of a trip along Great Ocean Road. You might also consider a trip to the Great Barrier Reef for 4 days.

  • What is the best way to plan a Trafalgar adventure?

    Before you plan your trip, take a look at the Trafalgar website and consider what locations appeal to you the most. You can narrow down the choices more easily if you already have in mind how much time you want to spend on your trip. For example, it is much simpler to decide on a trip if you narrow the time to, say, 6 to 8 days.    You can either choose a trip that lasts 8 days or take 2 short trips of 3 or 4 days if they are in close proximity. Once you decide on the length of time, you will need to figure out the level of activity. Will you be moving at a pace that suits you? Does the trip feature the types of activities you will like? After you answer these questions, you can embark on your Trafalgar adventure. You will just need to find the excursion that comes closest to what you want to spend.

  • What are Battlefield Tours?

    Battlefield tours allow you to visit the battlegrounds of sites from the First and Second World Wars, or get a closer look at famous European battlefields. You can also see the fields of conflict from the Civil War in the United States. Do you enjoy military history? If so, you will want to review these tours on the Trafalgar site.

  • Why is Trafalgar different than other tour companies?

    Trafalgar gives you a wide choice of escorted tour options as well as the ability to add to your travel itinerary. Whether you wish to take a weekend getaway or enjoy travel that spans 12 to 14 days, you will find a trip that will provide the latitude you need to enjoy your dream holiday.

Health and Safety Protocols on Trafalgar Tours

Trafalgar has introduced these enhanced hygiene protocols – for you and team members.

You can travel with Trafalgar and be assured that their team has put numerous new measures in place to elevate their hygiene standards and protocols. The well-being of guests and team has always been, and always will be, their primary concern.

In this new, fast changing Covid-19 era, Trafalgar is doing all they can to adapt to new requirements and expectations. Here are some important new steps and procedures that they have implemented to enhance hygiene protocols, to comply with physical distancing requirements by relevant government authorities and to give you the peace of mind when you are traveling during these new times.

Expertly Trained Travel Directors

Travel Director training equips them with enhanced hygiene and physical distancing procedures. During your trip, they will operate with a duty of care and monitor the hygiene etiquette of the guests, reacting and advising as needed, to ensure high standards are maintained. Before you travel, Trafalgar will also keep you well informed about new protocols required in these areas, and ask that you cooperate with and heed the advice and direction of Travel Directors while on your trip. The Travel Directors have preventative measures in place to try and ensure your well-being and in the event that any unexpected issues arise on trip, they will activate additional protocols.

Stringent On-the-Road Protocols

The customized luxury coaches are sanitised before the start of your trip and have always been kept to very high standards. Following the outbreak of COVID-19, Trafalgar have taken additional measures to elevate hygiene and sanitary practices in accordance with guidance from the World Health Organisation (WHO) and as required, applicable government regulations. The Driver training provides them with the latest hygiene protocols. They will clean and disinfect all surfaces including handrails, door handles, tables, seats, air-conditioning filters and overhead lockers on a daily basis. All the guests are asked to follow hygiene practices recommended by the World Health Organisation including the thorough and regular washing of hands and sanitising when required. Hand sanitiser is freely available on board for your use throughout the day. Please bring your own washable face mask and gloves with you, and additional hand sanitiser to make you feel comfortable, as these will be required to be worn in public in some countries. Should an unexpected situation arise, additional face masks, rubber gloves, antiviral sprays and wipes will be available for guest distribution on all trips.

A Full Team of Support 24/7

It’s not just your Travel Director and Driver who will be taking care of you. Behind the scenes, the operations and guest support teams are in contact with them and on call 24/7, so you can rest assured that you’re in good hands.

Physical Distancing

Adapting to the right size groups, based on government distancing requirements, you can rest assured that you will travel with the comfort of your own personal space. Have peace of mind that all of the experiences, hotels and restaurants you’ll enjoy on your trip have been vetted to ensure they adhere to physical distancing and hygiene guidelines.

Trusted Partners, Exceptional Standards

Trafalgar is very selective in who they work with and choose to only use hotels, restaurants, ground handlers and venues that take the well-being of the guests as seriously as Trafalgar does and agrees to meet expected guidelines and specifications. Trafalgar only works with establishments that they are confident will consistently adhere to their high standards.

Always in the Know

As part of The Travel Corporation (TTC) , Trafalgar is kept up to date with all government advisories and travel alerts on a daily basis and is continually in touch with all of the partners on the ground in each destination. Also, rest assured that during your trip, the teams work to ensure the supplier partners (hotels, restaurants, museums and other venues) are also applying the same standard to these new hygiene and distancing protocols, to the extent possible.

Trafalgar Tours Customer Reviews

Ratings based off 4,428 reviews about Trafalgar Tours - currently showing 5 reviews with comments only

Services provided by the company and guide are truly exemplary. A very professional staff and excellent accommodation. Highly recommended for future travelers and friends.


Our Travel Director was very nice, learned a lot from her about Japan culture and the places we visited. Will definitely travel again with Trafalgar.


Our tour director was totally amazing!!! She was highly knowledgable about all the cities, sights and history of the UK. Her personality was delightful, with a wonderful sense of humor!! She made the trip amazing!!! Our driver was exceptional as well!!! He was great and went above and beyond helping everyone in and out of the coach along with all the luggage. He was always the perfect gentleman and his personality matched that of our director making the tour more fun than I could have ever imagined!!!


Trafalgar is a terrific company, with great guides and bus drivers.


Dana was great, very responsive to our questions and very helpful. Thanks Dana!

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