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With Globus volume buys plus our low Globus prices you can save up to 40% versus doing the same itinerary on your own. At AffordableTours.com you will find the guaranteed lowest prices on Globus Tours plus we pledge to deliver to you our award winning top-notch service. Since 1928, Globus Tours has led the way in escorted travel worldwide. Globus Journeys has vacation packages on six continents and hundreds of itineraries, no matter where on the globe you want to travel, Globus has a tour for you. Globus Tours takes extra care to select hotels and guides ensuring a top-notch experience.

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    What Is Your Travel Style?

    Traveling is one of life’s greatest pleasures, but with so many different destinations andactivities to choose from, planning a trip can be overwhelming. Identifying your travel style isone way to make the planning process easier and ensure that you have the best possibleexperience. Understanding your travel style can help you choose the right destinations,activities, and…

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    Review: Canyon Country Adventure With Globus

    On our Canyon Country Adventure with Globus tour, we saw so much of the Earth’s nature and beautiful scenery, and enjoyed every minute of it.

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    Review: Mackinac Island And The Great Lakes With Globus

    Charming hotels, fun experiences, and beautiful scenery. All of this and more await you on this Mackinac Island And The Great Lakes With Globus Tour.

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    Review: Pacific Coast Adventure With Globus

    A sampling of Seattle, the beautiful Oregon coast, and San Francisco make this magnificent Pacific Coast Adventure with Globus trip one you’ll remember.

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    Review: European Highlights With Globus

    European Highlights with Globus. This is one of the most efficient tours that gives you the highlights of the most popular places in 4 different countries.

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    Explore New Undiscovered Tours With Globus

    Visiting unknown cities with undiscovered tours with Globus will capture the true experience of Italy or Britain through hidden gems.

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    Review: Icons Of India With Globus

    Discover India with Globus, a diverse country filled with a long history, a variety of languages, amazing monuments, and a rich cultural heritage.

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    Review: Best of Spain With Globus

    The Best of Spain tour with Globus is perfect for travelers interested in culture, Flamenco, magnificent churches, architecture, and Spanish food.

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    Review: Southern California With Globus

    Southern California With Globus is perfect for desert enthusiasts and those wanting to cross off a few more U.S. National Parks off their bucket lists.

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    Review: The Sicilian With Globus

    By: Amalia Marin, CTA and Senior Travel Consultant History, culture, architecture, and gastronomy; Sicily has it all condensed in one beautiful island. These were some of the biggest reasons why we chose to take The Sicilian with Globus tour. When I told others that we were taking this tour, they asked, “didn’t you already go…

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When you book a trip with us, whether it's halfway around the world or in your own backyard, you can rest assured that you'll benefit from our vast experience in the travel industry, our award-winning service, low prices, and client satisfaction.

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Globus Tours Brochures

  • Escapes by Globus Image

    Escapes by Globus

    NEW! 2023 - 2024 Now Open for Sale! Escapes by Globus is a compilation of the best itineraries in Europe - presented during the low season - so you can experience Europe’s most popular destinations for less.

    Learn More >
  • Active and Discovery Cruises Image

    Active and Discovery Cruises

    NEW! 2023 - 2024 Now Open for Sale! Everyone travels to see new things, but many travel to do new things as well. With Globus' Active & Discovery Rhone, Danube and Rhine river cruises, Globus offers activities for travelers with varying interests and for all energy and fitness levels.

    Learn More >
  • Africa Image


    NEW! 2023 - 2024 Now Open for Sale! Whether you want to shop in the bazaars of the bustling African cities, ride a camel in the African desert, or quietly spy a leopard in the wild, you'll find the experience you're looking for on a Globus vacation to Africa.

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  • Asia Image


    NEW! 2023 - 2024 Now Open for Sale! Discover the beauty of Asia in Globus' many vacations to this captivating continent. If you've ever wanted to walk the Great Wall of China or cruise the Yangtze River, then a Globus vacation in China is the journey for you.

    Learn More >
  • Asia River Cruises Image

    Asia River Cruises

    NEW! 2023 - 2024 Now Open for Sale! Journey with Avalon Waterways along the legendary rivers of Asia to experience an unforgettable fusion of distinctive sights, colorful cultures and ancient traditions. Discover the magic of Asia and the Avalon advantage.

    Learn More >
  • Australia and New Zealand Image

    Australia and New Zealand

    NEW! 2023 - 2024 Now Open for Sale! On a Globus South Pacific vacation you can discover Australia's lively cities, New Zealand's charming towns or Fiji's fabulous coral gardens.

    Learn More >
  • Britain and Ireland Image

    Britain and Ireland

    NEW! 2023 - 2024 Now Open for Sale! You have arrived. You're free to indulge your curiosities and explore Britain and Ireland. Get out there and encounter new cultures. Learn new things for the simple joy of learning. Revive your sences as you savor local flavors.

    Learn More >
  • Europe Image


    NEW! 2023 - 2024 Now Open for Sale! The dream of European travel is easily turned into a splendid reality with a broad range of Globus Europe. When it comes to experiencing Europe, Globus Journeys has the perfect European vacation for you.

    Learn More >
  • Hawaii Image


    NEW! 2023 Now Open for Sale! White-sand beaches are just the beginning of what awaits you in the 50th state. Globus Hawaii vacations takes you to the most popular islands, including Oahu, Hawaii, Maui and Kauai, where you'll see lush valleys, tour vast canyons, volcanic craters and historic monuments.

    Learn More >
  • Italy, Spain and Portugal Image

    Italy, Spain and Portugal

    NEW! 2023 - 2024 Now Open for Sale! Only Globus brings you the Italy that only Italians know - beyond Rome, Florence, Venice, and into the northern Lake District, deep into the heart of Tuscany, the undiscovered "heel" of Apulia, and the rugged beauty of Sicily. 

    Learn More >
  • Oberammergau Image


    Ranging from faith-based to fun-based, the Globus family of brands offers a variety of travel styles and vacations to visit charming Oberammergau. On these special vacations, guests enjoy first-class seating at the Passion Play, accommodations in the heart of Oberammergau, and a dedicated onsite office to help guests make the most of their stay in this charming city.

    Learn More >
  • Religious Travel Image

    Religious Travel

    NEW! 2023 - 2024 Now Open for Sale! Where in creation can you renew your faith, reaffirm your beliefs, and reflect upon centuries of religious history? On any number of inspirational Globus Religious Vacations. Globus created a variety of uplifting itineraries that lead you straight to the corner of rejuvenation and adoration. Explore the roots of your faith.

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  • River Cruises Image

    River Cruises

    NEW! 2023 - 2024 Now Open for Sale! Cruise down the Danube, Rhine, Amazon or the Mekong on a Globus River Cruise. River cruising is a way to see an abundant amount of cities with included shore excursions, meals, local guides and accommodations.

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  • Scandinavia Image


    NEW! 2023 - 2024 Now Open for Sale! With more than nine decades of introducing travelers to the world's most beloved destinations, Globus is now taking you on a journey to the lesser known insights and folklore of Scandinavia. Visit breathtaking scenery in Denmark, Sweden and Norway.

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  • South and Central America Image

    South and Central America

    NEW! 2023 - 2024 Now Open for Sale! From romantic Rio de Janeiro to the intriguing Amazon Jungle, enigmatic Machu Picchu to the fascinating Galapagos Islands, you're sure to have a South America vacation like no other with Globus.

    Learn More >
  • Undiscovered Tours Image

    Undiscovered Tours

    NEW! 2024 Now Open for Sale! Perhaps you have already stood inside the storied walls of the Colosseum or marveled at the London Bridge. Maybe you’ve cruised through the most romantic Venice canals. Even if you’ve experienced the highlights of some of Europe’s most famous cities, there are entirely new regions, people and cultures to experience in unique cities less traveled.

    Learn More >
  • United States and Canada Image

    United States and Canada

    NEW! 2023 - 2024 Now Open for Sale! There's no better time than now to tour the United States and Canada, a wellspring of natural beauty, tranquility and hospitality. Globus Journeys United States and Canada vacations offer a multitude of possibilities, from well-preserved National Parks, New England's Fall Foliage to the Canadian Rockies.

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Learn More About Globus Tours

Globus began operation in 1928 when Antonio Mantegazza began transporting commercial goods across Lake Lugano in a rowboat. The businessman, over time, acquired 12 motor coaches to take tourists to locations in southern Switzerland. At that time, Mantegazza called his new touring company Globus Viaggi. Before Mantegazza, purchased the coaches, the entrepreneur won a local sweepstake – one that allowed the businessman to branch out and operate a local route for a national postal and transport service. After World War II, the company grew to 33 coaches, with the closest competitor possessing only 5 touring vehicles. Through his business relationships and dealings, Mantegazza also came to know another man who loved travel too – Werner Albek. Both the men, afterwards, partnered to run trips to Milan, Venice, St. Moritz, Venice, Rome, etc. The two collaborators also discovered that they had familial ties. Werner's fiance ended up being the daughter of Mantegazza's sister. By the 1950's the Globus portfolio grew from local Swiss travel to trips to Italy, the French Riviera, Holland, Belgium, Scandinavia, and England. Part of the expansion resulted from Globus's innovative circular tours, which helped make motorcoach travel more convenient. Mantegazza and Albek also developed the idea of Grand European Touring, offering first-class tours to Europe. This travel option allowed Globus to enter the travel market in the U.S. in the 1950s. By the 1980's Globus became a worldwide travel leader, selling tours in Australia, New Zealand, and Canada and expanding its destinations to Africa, Asia, the South Pacific, Europe, and the Americas. This type of spirit is the cornerstone of Globus's commitment to provide the best tour experience. Besides Globus Journeys, Globus's family of brands make up over 30 tourism and aviation enterprises which provide jobs for 5,000 employees. The company's family of brands feature escorted and independent travel services that feature 10,000 departures and 400 travel itineraries in over 65 countries. All the combined brands carry around 500,000 passengers yearly. This marks Globus as the largest tour operator internationally.

  • Also called Group Voyagers, Globus represents the Globus family of brands – brands that provide escorted tours, river cruises, and independent travel packages, which are marketed across the globe. Some of the brands include Globus, Cosmos, and Avalon Waterways.
  • Globus's history can be traced back to 1928 when Antonio Mantegazza used a rowboat to convey commercial items across the Swiss Lake Lugano. Over time, Mantegazza bought motor coaches to transport travelers around southern Switzerland. He called his company, Globus Viaggi.
  • By 1950, Globus was operating overnight trips to places, such as Rome, Venice, and the French Riviera.
  • Globus Journeys offers tours to worldwide destinations, including the U.S., Middle East, Asia, Europe, Africa, South America, and Canada.
  • Globus customers receive complete vacation planning assistance with all their travel plans, including a wide range of flight options and preferred tour pricing.
  • Airport transfers are included as part of the travel price, so travelers can easily get to and from their hotel at the beginning and end of their trip.
  • Airport Hosts welcome Globus travelers, making the transition from airport to hotel easier.
  • Trip protection is offered for your vacation to ensure that you won't lose money in case your trip is canceled or your baggage is lost.
  • The company features Pre-Trip Guidelines to keep tour guests safe.
  • Globus can help with any special trip requests or inquiries, including pre-paid gratuities, premium seating on flights, or special accommodations.
  • The GlobusGO App gives you all the details needed to prepare for a Globus tour.

Top Reasons To Choose Globus Tours

  • Globus handles all the details of trip planning, so travelers can embark on an ideally planned and stress-free tour.
  • The large travel operator offers more trip inclusions and therefore more unique travel experiences.
  • Globus tours allow you more time to explore a destination or city on your own.
  • While Globus offers superior accommodations in its tour packages, the company also makes sure that the hotel where you stay is close to major sights and attractions. That way, you can conveniently access all the sites you plan to visit or see.
  • Expert guides bring destinations to life with their local knowledge and travel experience and background. 
  • Guides speak the local language as well as English to make communication easier and more interesting.
  • Globus features trips where travelers do not have to wait in line at sites and attractions. Admissions are included in the tour price so visitors can get into an attraction without difficulty.
  • Globus has made a commitment to providing sustainable travel options to minimize negative impacts on the environment and to reduce the dependence on non-renewable resources. The company maintains the following policy: "Leave Only Footprint and Take Only Photos." With this message, the company wants travelers to focus on traveling with sustainability in mind.

Frequently Asked Questions About Globus Tours

  • What phone number should I contact a support number to book a trip or ask questions?

    Please call AffordableTours.com at 1-800-935-2620 to inquire about escorted tours featured by Globus.

  • What are Escapes by Globus?

    While summer is the peak season for travel, you can also get some good travel deals during the off-season when the temperatures are milder and travelers experience fewer crowds. Therefore, you will pay lower prices when you book during these less-crowded and temperature-friendly times. Escapes by Globus provides the best travel deals across the globe – each of which are presented when travel is not in big demand. In turn, tourists can see popular destinations for less money. The program also permits solo travelers to stay in a single room with a single supplement waived. To take advantage of Escapes of Globus, check with your travel advisor about off-season trips under this category.

  • What are some of the popular off-season Escapes offered by Globus?

    Escapes for off-season travel included trips to Sicily, southern and northern Ireland, Britain, Scotland, and Morocco.

  • When do most off-season trips take place?

    February to March and October to December represent off-season travel times in Europe and Morocco. Many Escapes by Globus feature travel to Scotland, Ireland, Morocco, Greece, and Italy during these travel times.

  • What are Undiscovered Tours by Globus?

    These tours allow you to see sights that may be off the beaten track or see the places in locales that are less-traveled.

  • What are examples of Undiscovered Tour locations?

    An example of Undiscovered Tours in North America includes tours of southern California, the Hudson River Valley and New England, Quebec and Louisville. You can sightsee and learn about facts that will give you new insights into a specific city or town, or region.

  • Does Globus feature multi-country tours?

    Yes. Some of the most popular tours start in Budapest and end in Prague or Berlin. Other popular options include the 9-day tour that begins in Dublin and ends in London. Another tour features both London and Paris. You can also see legendary European capitals, such as Amsterdam, Paris, Brussels, and England.

  • Why should I book through a travel agent at Affordable Tours?

    Booking through a travel agent will ensure that you will get the best travel deals that meet your expectations with respect to price, location, travel availability, and trip length. Travel agents are familiar with all facets of travel, and also have easy access to special savings offers and discounts.

  • When do travelers receive their travel documentation?

    Travel documents, including itineraries, airline tickets, and related information are sent about three weeks before a tour's departure date, provided that the total payment has been made.

  • Can Globus travelers pre-pay their gratuities?

    Yes. Globus provides trip-goers with the ability to pay tips to the Driver and Tour Director before their scheduled vacation date. A base rate per person has been established for the length of the vacation. However, local guides and others do not receive this in-built tip.

  • Does Globus offer Private Tours?

    Yes. Globus offers the option to book a private tour for 2 or more people. This form of travel permits you to enjoy the benefits of a Globus trip itinerary but to handpick the people with whom you travel. You can go with your partner, travel with friends, or take a private family tour. During the journey, you will have your own dedicated Tour Director, private transportation and driver, and own professional Local Guides. Choosing a private tour option allows you to spend more time at certain attractions and go at a pace that is comfortable for you.

  • Are airport transfers to and from your hotel included in the travel price?

    Yes, airport transfer costs are included in a Globus tour package, except if you plan to travel in the U.S. and Canada.

  • What is the average number in travelers in a small group tour sponsored by Globus?

    Globus tours usually include about 36 people.

  • Does Globus offer travel protection for its guests?

    Yes. Comprehensive travel protection insurance is offered at an affordable price. The protection should be included in each booking.

  • What are the highlights of Globus’s travel protection policy?

    Plan participants receive reimbursement of airfare for trip cancellations and coverage for a vacation interruption. Policyholders get reimbursed for damaged or lost luggage as well. A lost baggage search is provided by Globus as well to locate passenger bags. Travel protection also includes 24-hour emergency phone support internationally. If you have a pre-existing medical condition, that factor is waived if you buy and pay the insurance in full within 14 days of remitting your tour deposit.

  • What is the best way to pay for snacks and some meals?

    Usually, it is best to take a certain amount of cash with you on your trip, as credit cards are not always accepted when you buy smaller-priced items or dine in some restaurants.

  • Should I bring more than one credit card?

    Yes, travel advisors suggest you bring more than one credit card, as some merchants may accept a different credit card than the one you are carrying. Be prepared to show identification (a passport) when using a credit card. This is often required because of the high incidences of credit card fraud the world over. When a transaction is processed, make sure you keep your card in sight.

  • What makes Globus different?

    Globus is known as the largest tour operator in the world. Therefore, it is well-positioned to handle all your tour needs and travel arrangements. Because it covers over 30 brands, you can consider the travel operator to be your one go-to source when it comes to any type of vacation trip. Travel agents are also well familiar with the name Globus, so your travel representative can book travel through the company without any difficulties.

Health and Safety Protocols on Globus Tours

The world is waiting to be rediscovered! And Globus helps you reunite with your favorite destinations through our ongoing commitment to travel with the ease and confidence travelers have come to expect on tour with us. No matter where you travel, our global network of travel experts has you ready to reconnect.

And along the way, we’re step-for step with you to remove the worries and hassles that might make aspiring globetrotters hesitate when taking that first step in discovering dream destinations once again. With exceptional health and safety protocols and on-trip contingency plans for unexpected surprises, Globus travelers see more of the world with more peace of mind.


Globus will conduct tour check-in procedures and pre-trip health screenings to offer guests a safe start and peace of mind throughout the journey. This includes proof of vaccination for all guests.


There may be times on tour or on the motorcoach when social distancing is required. We will take care in assuring any local guidelines are followed in a safe and comfortable way for our guests. For any cases where masks are required due to local guidelines, we ask that guests bring their own approved N95 (FFP2) masks for their own comfort and safety. Our wireless listening technology enables safe distances between our guests and other travelers during excursions.


To ensure a healthy environment for each of our guests and our team, our Tour Directors, Local Hosts, and motorcoach drivers are fully vaccinated, and Globus is also requiring that all travelers are fully vaccinated before joining the trips. Additionally, regular guest checks are conducted, and, when required by local guidelines, masks will be worn by our guests and by our team when accompanying guests. In all other cases, masks are optional for guests.


Traveling with Globus removes many of the “touch points” of travel, including luggage handling, check in/out, expedited entry into attractions and more. Globus are further reducing risk with hands-free service, meaning all self-services replaced by staff, including buffet meals replaced with table service. Globus will also ensure hand sanitizing is available throughout each trip, on coach and in hotels.


As a part of Globus' commitment to clean, Globus is requiring enhanced cleaning procedures with hotel partners, on motorcoaches, vehicles and throughout every trip, including additional daily disinfecting procedures that go above-and-beyond already strict health and safety procedures.


Globus has strict health and safety protocols, which have been in place for years, focused on ensuring all aspects of operation- from vehicles and equipment used on trip to excursions and hotel procedures. This process will continue with new, elevated health and safety checks, to maintain their promise that each touch-point on tours and cruises are considered in their commitment to guest and team member well-being.

Globus Tours Customer Reviews

Ratings based off 9,844 reviews about Globus Tours - currently showing 5 reviews with comments only

Excellent itinerary, outstanding guide, and a wonderful trip to a delightful country I would strongly recommend.


I love working with Karen.


The tour cities and sites we visited were all great. The pace of the tour was good (not rushed with time to rest, shop or sight see on our own). Our tour director was fabulous (good communicator, knowledgeable, nice sense of humor). Our driver was a wonderful driver, I always felt safe. The extra excursions (I purchased all 4) were excellent and reasonably priced. I will use Globus again.


Globus Escapes are an economical way to travel during the off season. For me, I often prefer the off-season because there are fewer crowds. I especially appreciate the local tour guides in each area.


Great company. Makes traveling so enjoyable.

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